This site is hosted and maintained by Avery Burdett, a life long road cyclist.

      By age six he was the fourth generation of his family to become a cyclist. He started commuting to high school at age 11, and a year or so after rode his first tour (a flat but painful 60km). Commuting and later touring became a regular part of family life. He added competitive masters' cycling to his repertoire once his two sons had grown up and left home. Now he takes his grand children on rides around their homes.

      In the last decade of a Corporate Hi-Tech career, Avery became active in Ottawa's cycling community. He served as a director of Citizens for Safe Cycling, the Chairman of the Nepean Cycling Advisory Committee and the Chairman of the Regional Cycling Advisory Group.

      During this period began a volunteer career as an advocate for the legal rights of cyclists. His advocacy resulted in getting, among other things, the Region's single file cycling bylaw abolished, exemption of adults from the Province's bike helmet law, and a ban on cycling across a federal bridge lifted.

      He also acts as unofficlal "legal counsel" to those cyclists who run afoul of law enforcement in Ontario.

      Avery has been a member of the Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC) for over 30 years. In 1997, he joined the Board and became President in 2000. For many years he led groups on the club's Sunday ride program. He is still (in 2019) a regular participant in its weekly time trials.

      Later along with a number of members of the club, he founded the Responsible Cycling Coalition a (currently dormant) group formed to promote rules of the road cycling in Ottawa.

December 2019
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