John Forester on transportation and cycling

      John Forester, author of Vehicular Cycling*, talks and fields questions about the history of transportation in modern cities, bicycle advocacy, current governmental bicycle programs, vehicular operating rules, cyclist skills training and education, and social policies.


      * Vehicular Cycling is the basis of the Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE program. This program is the only certified (non-competitive) cycling skills training program in Canada. In the US, the program based on the same principles is called Effective Cycling.

      Vehicular Cycling

      Here are three video primers from California for those wishing to understand just what vehicular cycling is.

      You will note that the first video contains the obligatory American recommendation to wear a helmet. This has nothing to do with vehicular cycling and wearing a helmet is a personal choice. Vehicular cycling predates the invention of bicycle helmets by more than half a century. The instructor also relies on a rear view mirror, perhaps too much so. Shoulder checks are far more effective as well as being a cue to motorists that you may be contemplating a change in your direction. Despite these two minor caveats these videos are an excellent introduction to normal every day road cycling where a cyclist exercises his rights and fulfills his obligations like any other driver of a vehicle.

      Cyclist's eye view - part one - Download for personal viewing.

      Cyclist's eye view - part two - Download for personal viewing.

      Cyclist's eye view - part three - Download for personal viewing.

      League of American Cyclists - Instruction

      This video shows cyclists and motorists how it looks when cyclists act and are treated as vehicle drivers in normal urban traffic in the City of Long Beach, California. The skills and principles of vehicular cycling are taught by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).

      The not so comfortable First Avenue bike lane

      New York City cyclists who originally were supporters of the concept of dedicated bike lanes are now having second thoughts after experiencing first hand the realities of a new bike lane on First Avenue. Many of those that have tried the lane are now reverting to riding in the regular traffic lanes as this vide shows.

      The Mess in Montreal

      The mess that segregated facilities has created for cyclists in Montreal, Quebec is shown in this video.

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